Industrial Shelving

Engineered Solutions design, manufacture and install Shelving Systems throughout the UK. We have a large selection of systems available to fit all environments.

Our service includes an initial free of charge site visit to fully understand your exact requirements, where we will share our expertise and advise you on the best system to fit your needs, so why not give us a call today and make us part of your team.

Industrial Shelving

Our engineering team design Industrial Shelving systems to meets your exact requirements,
from design, manufacture and installation we will advise you on the best solution to maximise your available footprint.

As part of your team we will ensure we make constructive use of every last centimetre of your storage space. We use both sheet metal and cold rolled products to achieve this.

On larger systems (as below)  we can use the shelving system as the main stay of your entire warehousing operation which will include sprinkler systems, man up picking arrangements and then pack and dispatch providing you with a total solution.

sprinkler systems can be fitted to shelving too

Whether it is making better use of office storage or designing a fast pick system for your on line buying business, which has outgrown your current facilities, we have the technical teams to construct handling systems in manual and bulk to maximise your use of space but minimise your footprint ensuring that your picking teams are focused on key turnround operations.

sprinkler systems can be fitted to shelving too
Most modern buildings have at least 6m eaves. This gives you room for up to three tiers in the centre and certainly two to the eaves.  This is an example of high density storage of high value goods in the pharmaceutical dispending industry.
Conveyor Systems

Above is an example of mobile shelving which opens at any one point to reveal an accessible aisle for picking or inspection.

Archiving systems with modern IT are getting less frequent. However there are technical records which are still best kept in accessible conditions, albeit compact, or high value items such as jewellery where storage space is at a premium and access is very select.

sprinkler systems can be fitted to shelving too

Examples of headroom utilisation, the photo belowt shows man up order picking, the above is manual picking, multi tier.  They can be adapted to all applications including chilled and frozen areas.

sprinkler systems can be fitted to shelving too
VNA Shelving system with man up order picking

For very large systems you will require either man up or picker cranes which precision pick. The cranes will pick at very high speed and there are new systems coming on to the market all the time.

Larger systems can easily be adapted into modern warehousing space. Bearing in mind these structures are constructed from steel, the individual columns are capable of taking huge vertical loads.

VNA Shelving system with man up order picking

Shelving and racking systems have much shorter  connection distances than traditional portal frame buildings and in high density storage designs link up to produce phenomenal strength, so great in fact that it is possible to clad them without any other form of supporting construction.

This is particularly useful where you might have poor ground because the load distribution is so great that it takes pressure off groundworks and geotechnical designs by better spreading the load.

As with all storage systems, a great deal of thought needs to go into protecting the installation and most insurance companies will insist on some type of fire protection, the most common of which is a sprinkler, example shown below as to how it is fitted into such a system by specialists.

sprinkler systems can be fitted to shelving too

As multi-disciplined materials handling engineers, we can combine conveyor, lifting equipment, mechanical handling equipment and sorting systems into any of our projects to provide you with the best integrated storage system for both stock and pack and distribution operations.

Let us help you with your storage expansion, make us part of your Team!

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