Pallet Racking

Engineered Solutions design, manufacture and install Pallet Racking Solutions throughout the UK. We have a large selection of rack shelves available to fit all environments, including Heavy Duty Racking, Industrial Racking and fully Automated Pallet Racking Systems.

We offer an initial free-of-charge site visit to fully understand your requirements, where we will share our expertise and advise you on the best system to fit the needs of your operation.

Pallet Racking

Our engineering team design Pallet Racking systems to meets your exact requirements,
from design, manufacture and installation we will advise you on the best solution to maximise your available footprint, from standard racking through to fully automated.

Outlined below is the vast range of solutions we have available, why not take advantage of our free consultancy service where one of our engineers will visit you on site to discuss your requirements and advise you on the best one to fit your needs.

Pallets of boxes of paper towels in distribution center.

The highest density storage achievable is block stacking for example containerised, stock which can be erected by forklift and is limited by the stability of the outer casing or packing.  However once you start to require individual accessibility, you need a shelf or level to store the pallet or container and that is where pallet racking comes in.  The rest is down to systems, planning and engineering.

Pallet Racking falls into 4 main groups:-

1)   General Purpose Pallet Racking

2)   Medium Density Pallet Racking Storage

3)   High Density Pallet Racking Storage

4)   Automated Pallet Racking

We have the technical teams to construct handling systems in manual and bulk to maximise your use of space, minimising your footprint and ensuring that your picking teams are focused on key turnround operations.

Construction of pallet racks in warehouse, Engineered Solutions
1. General Purpose Pallet Racking
Conveyor Systems

This covers everything from work in progress, goods receiving to small works stores.  

Pallet racking projects for counterbalance trucks are the simplest, most common type of pallet organisation. It’s a low density system which makes use of low cost handling systems, such as stackers and counterbalanced forklifts. 

However there are a number of variants of pallet racking which are designed around specialist forklift trucks. At Engineered Solutions we handle articulated trucks and four directional trucks as part of our range specific to the systems we build which are as follows:-

For prices on standard pallet racking please click here.

2. Medium Density Pallet Racking Storage
This describes the minimum aisle space achievable with maximum access to unit storage. This can often include break bulk and hand picked stock as well as palletised. There are many systems and lots of equipment associated with these types of storage which are the most common.
sprinkler systems can be fitted to shelving too
We offer a full space analysis of existing storage systems, which can often be re-designed to give greater storage and efficiencies, please read our featured case study HERE.

3. High Density Pallet Racking

High density pallet racking storage systems are the equivalent of block stacking and it suits stock which needs to be picked in a particular order or stock which is not time sensitive.

It’s not as accessible as medium density storage systems, but it allows a high degree of accessibility.

VNA Shelving system with man up order picking

A high density storage system in pallet racking terms is one pallet either stacked on top of or behind another.

There are 3 ways to retrieve them. Forklift truck, conveyor or shuttle and the choice depends entirely on the suitability of the product, location and throughput requirement.

These systems are known as:-

3.1)   Live Store.

3,2)   Push Back

3.3)   Drive In – Drive Through

3.4)   Shuttle

3.5)   Double Deep

3.6)   Mobile

3.1  Live Storage

VNA Shelving system with man up order picking
Live Storage System – Pallet placed on a conveyor level, which gravitates towards the picking face.
3.2  Push Back Pallet Racking
sprinkler systems can be fitted to shelving too
Push Back – Pallet placed on to a conveyor level and then pushed back into the system by the next pallet. 
3.3  Drive In – Drive Through Pallet Racking
Conveyor Feed System
Conveyor Feed System
Drive in – Drive through – This is controlled by the forklift truck.  Drive in implies reversing out and drive through is when its driven in and selected from the other side by forklift.
3.4  Shuttle Pallet Racking
Conveyor Feed System
Conveyor Feed System
Conveyor Feed System

Shuttle Pallet Racking – Shuttle brings the next pallet to the pick face or takes it back to the storage point. The big advantage is it keeps the trucks out of the system and mechanically manages the loading controls of the operation so the system is not prone to being forced or damaged by forklift operations. 

3.5  Double Deep Pallet Racking
This is an option but it is not included in high density. Its more often associated with automated systems and generally requires a special truck adaptation to make it all work.
It usually involves picking two units at a time and in today’s market it would probably be better handled by a shuttle which can go double deep and organise the space much better and requires less operation room for handling equipment.
sprinkler systems can be fitted to shelving too

3.6 Mobile Pallet Racking

After block stacking systems, such as push back, drive in and live pallet racking systems, this is the next super high density system. The pallet racking is assembled on to mobile bases which run on rails in the floor. These can be made to size and order as required with single and double chasses. Each block system will have only one lane and it can be built to suit any type of truck so the whole system then opens up to the appropriate lane, saving the need for multiple lanes in a conventional pallet racking warehouse where all the faces require to be visible.

Mobile Pallet Racking design

In this system the whole mobile bases operate together to open at the appropriate aisle to provide the pick face for the truck and driver enabling high density storage in locations challenged for space.

Conveyor Systems

4.  Automated Pallet Racking

This can be carried out with VNA trucks or high speed column mounted lifting equipment capable of collecting pallets or individual cases or boxes. We design and build automated warehousing.
Conveyor Systems
Designed for high density mechanically fast picked storage systems, giving individual pallet access, it utilises specialist trucks which will operate in aisle widths from 2.4m down to 1200mm and will handle high density systems and the associated pick, pack and ship systems that go with them. 
Conveyor Systems
Conveyor Systems
Pallet Racking Systems for Trucks

Stacker Truck

Stacker trucks will operate in narrow aisles and are low cost, high headroom access equipment. They require a pallet which allows the stacker to place it on the ground over the outreached legs that it has at the front. To enable it to access the pallet racking a bottom beam level is required to clear the legs as it enters the system.

The advantages of this are they are comparatively low cost equipment which offers the properties of VNA and high lift.  The disadvantages are you may need slave pallets and the trucks do not readily work outside.

Reach Trucks

Reach trucks usually require between 2.8m and 3.5m aisles and are not keen on working outside. They have fast lifting systems and are stable at height. They are comparatively low cost compared to some of the VNA equipment and they can take high loads. 

Articulated Trucks & Man Up

Articulated trucks will work down to 1700mm aisles depending upon pallets. They have rapid lifting systems and will work both inside and outside.

They are an excellent choice for big pallet warehouses with multiple aisles and are the first step to man up and very narrow aisle systems offering all the benefits of both narrow aisle and a counterbalance capability.

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