Mezzanine Floors, Lifts & Stairs

Engineered Solutions install Mezzanine Floor Systems throughout the UK and provide a full design, manufacture and installation service. We have a large selection of systems and mezzanine floor materials available to fit all environments.

Our service includes an initial free of charge site visit to fully understand your exact requirements and advise you on the best system to fit your needs, so why not give us a call today and make us part of your team.

Mezzanine Floors, Lifts & Staircases

Adding a Mezzanine floor area can significantly increase your available space and is a very cost effective way to expand your business.

We have a wide selection of mezzanine structures and floor systems to choose from to create the correct working environment for your building.

At Engineered Solutions we provide a full fieldwork service to ensure all the structural, safety and access requirements are met.  Afterwhich we prepare a set of manufacturing drawings to enable accurate costing.  We will ensure the structure complies with all regulations. This includes mapping out storage or working activities which may apply point loadings and helping you understand existing structures with which the system must integrate.

Plan of Mezzanine Floor System - ESP

“Adding a Mezzanine floor area can significantly increase your available space and is a very cost effective way to expand your business.”

We also help with planning applications and building control and we also provide a number of different floor access methods including lifts, stackers, conveyors, staircases, edge of floor safety gates and fire escapes.

Plan of Two Story Mezzanine Floor System

All floors require access even if it’s only a staircase.  We will take you through a process to ensure we provide the final finish you require, whether it involves a working area fed by conveyors, offices or general storage space.

Let us help you with your expansion, make us part of your Team!

A good example below, is of a two tier Mezzanine system built by our manufacturing operation. Our two tier system requires significant groundwork support and has to be designed as such from the outset.

Upper Level Mezzanine Floor ESP
Mezzanine 2 Floor Floor System
Mezzanine Floor System
Upper Level Mezzanine Floor ESP

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