Low level gantry system for retractable building

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Case Study : Low level gantry system for retractable building

PROJECT : Gantry system for retractable building
SECTOR : Food & Drink
LOCATION : Ireland

Every operation has its ‘glory hole’. This is a very special engineering term. Its the location from which we keep millions of pounds worth of assets operational and space we are generally not allowed to have.  In this case it was essential space and had been hurriedly installed some years before as a retractable structure.

Having suffered storm damage, we were asked to replace the canopy. There was little point in doing this because the ground was not level and this put adverse forces back through the building which resulted in damage to the cladding material which in this case was PVC.

This project is particularly relevant and it’s the reason the best manufacturers use field engineers to ensure what they make fits correctly to the site and this can only be done if the technical architecture on site is correctly managed and specified.

Once again, our crane engineering transferrable skills deployed to provide a low level gantry on to which the building could be re-erected and this was a simple process involving jacking on to the new channel runway.

Once this was done we were able to rebuild the damaged components and achieve the manufacturing specification intended from the outset.

Since then the structure has withstood several hurricane force winds without damage which is testimony to the value of a correctly engineered installation.

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