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Engineered Solutions manufacture and install Loading Bay Systems throughout the UK and provide a full design, manufacture and installation service. We have a large selection of Loading Bay systems available to fit all environments.

Our service includes an initial free of charge site visit to fully understand your exact requirements, where we will share our expertise and advise you on the best Loading Bay system or equipment to fit your needs, so why not give us a call today and make us part of your team.

Loading Bays

Adding or replacing Loading Bay equipment can have a significant affect on your business’s efficiency and energy wastage, choosing the right equipment is key, we provide free of charge advice service and have a wide range of Loading Bay Solutions, either off-the-shelf or bespoke to fit your exact requirements.

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Our team at Engineered Solutions has a range of construction and engineering design skills that can be applied to all Material Handling Operations. 

As your business grows and requires new facilities, we make ideal partners to help you design the space with a ready-made team of specialist engineers capable of tackling all the challenges you will encounter.

Although we design and manufacture both traditional portal frame steel buildings and composite material buildings, each has its specific strengths. For example, the models featured below apply very light loads to the ground making them ideal structures where companies may already have invested in good quality aprons for heavy traffic. 

Because we manufacture both types and are materials handling engineers, the solution for your business is much more likely to be a fully integrated solution that would include the site as well as all the operational requirements.

We have featured some of the more interesting Loading Bay solutions we have installed below but as with all our work, it is indicative. We will build exactly what is required.

Loading Bay Solutions from danielc712.sg-host.com

The above is a classic example of utilising a decent yard for undercover loading operations.

Loading Bay Solutions from danielc712.sg-host.com

We manufacture doors so 1m per second opening speeds designed into our retractable buildings enables even lighter surface loads, flexible use of the site and atmosphere control within the parent structure.

Loading Bay Solutions from danielc712.sg-host.com

This is an example where yard storage and loading operations combine to provide a facility which does not require invasive groundworks so they are comparatively fast to build straight on to existing aprons.

Loading Bay Solutions from danielc712.sg-host.com

Recessed docks add complications of their own. These are very easily overcome by use of dock tunnels which provide full protection during loading operations.

Loading Bay Solutions from danielc712.sg-host.com

Warehouses and distribution centres require traffic solutions and for this we have a standard range of practical, tried, tested and approved equipment with a great deal of flexibility and a very low cost of ownership.

Loading Bay Solutions from danielc712.sg-host.com
Inside view of a loading bay area comprising near vertical sectional doors, dock levellers and shelters.
Loading Bay Solutions from danielc712.sg-host.com
Swing lip is a common solution to connecting to HGV’s to provide ro-ro facilities. 
Loading Bay Solutions from danielc712.sg-host.com
Above is an example of a telescopic lip dock levellers.  This provides a more substantial connection between vehicle and dock.

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