Industrial Tents & Temporary Buildings

Engineered Solutions design and install Industrial Tents & Temporary Buildings throughout the UK.
We have a large selection of systems available to fit all environments.

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Industrial Tents & Temporary Buildings

Our engineering team can design an Industrial Tent or Temporary Building to create additional space to meet your exact requirements.

Industrial tents are a very good example of why making us part of your team strengthens your own. Kopron in Italy, as manufacturers, recognised the critical importance of field engineering operations and has made us part of their team so they can ensure their engineering works are properly presented to their factory from the UK. Ensuring both the customer and manufacturer have a guaranteed route through the supply process where the architecture and function are correctly co-ordinated for the operation site conditions and construction. This also includes inspection during manufacture.

These buildings are primarily made from box section frames and trusses, 950 gsm PVC class 2 material, have an option to retract, work well for dock loading systems including containers and have extensive applications.

industrial storage tent

Industrial tents are considerably cheaper than moving factory. These tents also offer a demountable solution to landlord controlled properties under repair clauses. They can still remain on your balance sheet as an asset and relocate with you to new properties or locations. Their big advantage is they can usually go straight on to existing slabs and aprons with minimal preparation (although level surfaces are always a distinct advantage especially at loading bays). 

Examples shown include tunnels which are also made for raised docks and warehouse applications such as marshalling which alleviates pressure on warehouse and shop floors. You will also see below applications for work in progress, goods receiving, plant and equipment and some simple solutions to maintain structural integrity for the use of very low cost accessories.

Industrial tent under construction

After 25 years of outstanding service, the steelwork is in excellent condition. In this application we replaced the canopy extending its life indefinitely.

Industrial tent engine store for construction equipment manufacturer

Although industrial tents are thought of as a single skin-clad building, insulated options are available and where suitable will be put forward along with the rest of our structural and mechanical solutions.

Case Study: Marshalling & Distribution

Grocery is challenged now with home deliveries. Once the picking process is complete, the goods need to queue for the next available vehicle so that they can get ahead on routes.

With ample yard space and a good apron, all that was required was a canopy that provided controlled access in hygienic conditions enabling the drivers to turn up and reload.

fixed industrial tent on line shopping orders
Industrial tent for marshalling home delivery orders
Case Study: Goods in Rapid Turnaround

With a continual stream of HGV traffic coming in from Eastern Europe with metal components, a goods receiving area that could respond to the traffic levels became a necessity.

The benefit to the operation was fast turnround of traffic which relieved pressure on the existing warehousing system to properly record the deliveries whilst not holding up the vehicles.

Reducing the fork lift truck traffic distances down by 90% achieving significant savings in time.

Industrial tent under construction for goods receiving yard installation
Industrial tent storage system linking to parent building
Retractable industrial tent with storm straps infeed to shotblaster

Buffer Stock pending Dispatch

In this example, high value metal products were rehoused to make way for more production space.

Industrial tent with insulated roof for storing high value steel components

A concrete apron was deployed, prepared and utilised to erect a structure with an insulated roof which provided a higher degree of temperature and humidity control in the location.

Undercover Yard Space

3 Excellent examples of utilising yard space. Firstly for loading and unloading purposes, then as a maintenance parking and charging area and finally a retractable building which was mounted on a steel gantry.

Kopron industrial building undercover yard area
bespoke industrial buildings by engineered solutions projects
Kopron retractable industrial tent gantry track mounted
Retractable industrial building gantry mouted

Plant & Machinery Buildings

Industrial tent structures make excellent field systems. In this case for a U.K. water company where pumping and dosing apparatus needed to be protected. However the services leading to them made it impossible to mount it straight to the apron so we used a retractable canopy running on tracks mounted to a runway.

Our work in cranes is a very good crossover to transfer key skills which made this possible. The outcome was zero disruption to services and existing installations, maximum protection from elements and dry working conditions, especially for maintenance crews.

Large Scale Industrial Tents

Retractable industrial tent with storm straps infeed to shotblaster

This 50m long industrial tent acts as a drying house for large diameter fabricated structural supports for wind turbines.

The wind anchorage provides 80 tonnes per side of additional storm restraint in this exposed coastal location.

Retractable Industrial tent with additional storm lashings

Processing Buildings

Two examples of production applications where an internal area was required on the one hand for processing toxic waste and on the other running up machines as a final QA to despatch.
The machinery generated a high degree of heat which required all doors to be open and the toxic waste required the exact opposite with an airlock access.
Kopron industrial tent internal processing quarantine zone

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