Gravity Feed Conveyors

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Case Study : Custom Built – Gravity Feed Conveyors

PROJECT : Gravity Feed Conveyors
SECTOR : Manufacturing
LOCATION : Tyne & Wear

Assembly Line Feeds and Carton Flow Racking

 A press system was producing piece parts which were put into trolleys. This mobilized significant quantities but fetch and carry, queueing and component identification meant ordering batches was complicated and tracking them was very difficult.

We designed a box based collection system which was fed into a carton flow cassette system in identifiable batches that could be fed straight into the next process without any disruption or loss of time to the operators. Such a system cannot be bought off the shelf. Out of all the ways it could have been done, this was the most cost effective and instantly rewarding outcome.

We also manufactured a number of assembly line feeds bringing groups of components together in an easy selectable assessable way cutting out handling operations, speeding up production feeds and improving work progress through busy production lines.

For this application we angled the box towards the operator so a continuous work flow feed to the operator thus cutting out production down time by having to move empties and call for new feeds and positioning them appropriately for production input. This job had a pay back time of 2 months showing impressive output improvement from the first shift.


cropped warehouse aisle reduction created from improved mechanical hanndling equipment investment
clamshell grabs for bidfreight port operations

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