Steel Frame Buildings

Engineered Solutions design, manufacture and construct Factory and Warehouse, Steel Buildings throughout the UK. Our service includes an initial free of charge site visit to fully understand your exact requirements, where we will share our expertise and advise you on the best solution to fit your needs, so why not give us a call today and make us part of your team.

Steel Frame Buildings

Our Steel Buildings are specifically designed to suit your individual requirements, manufactured to exact standards and constructed on-site by our team of engineers to millimetre accuracy.

The co-ordination of structural geotechnical, mechanical and electrical engineering is key for a successful project.  Often sites have complications such as rights of way, existing national grid power supplies running below the site, traffic issues and the purposing of the site.   These are just a few of the issues for which we have specialist teams who assemble case specific to achieve the project brief.

Our field engineering teams set everything up including the architecture, timings, co-ordination, equipment design and supply and specific site accommodation requirements such as electrical and other service feed systems.  Our buildings are not speculative, they are specifically made to applications and often sizes come down to millimetres to provide the perfect efficiency sizing and integration of the asset.

A good example below, is of a Steel Portal Frame Building for Cranes, constructed as an engineering workshop with craneage up to 20 tonnes. 

Factory- Warehouse Build, Steel Frame Buildings

The image above shows a typical construction for warehousing up to 6m for general purpose mixed manufacturing and storage up to 12m for high density warehouse systems.

We also help with planning applications and building control and we can also provide a number of different floor access methods, including Infloor electrical conduits, this saves the need for trailing cables and allows easy ingress of new plant and machinery.  

Factory- Warehouse Build, Steel Frame Buildings

In engineering connections are everything especially where they cross boundaries.

The co-ordination of structural design from the word go is a hallmark of our quality.  In this case it involved complex technical calculations which were agreed between two engineering institutes at high level  This saved a significant sum on both the building and crane rail design as well as the groundworks,  where any of the three aspects may have been significantly overdesigned under the variation on standards between the two Institutes ensuring total design capability.  This extends into all our work where the building goes on to provide operating systems which need to be correctly specified to manage both fixed and operating costs. 

Factory- Warehouse Build, Steel Frame Buildings
Steel Building

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