Moving heavy loads within a safe environment is an area we have been advising companies on for many decades. We have a large selection of systems available to fit all environments and if you require something special, we will design, manufacture and install it for you.

Our service includes an initial free of charge site visit to fully understand your exact requirements, where we will share our expertise and advise you on the best system to fit your needs, so why not give us a call today and make us part of your team.

Cranes & Lifting Equipment

Our engineering design team can specify a crane or lifting equipment solution which meets your exact requirements, or if required design and build a complete system from scratch.

At Engineered Solutions we combine 4 major engineering disciplines which is notoriously difficult to do on small project works. These are:-

1) Mechanical

2) Structural

3) Geotechnical

4) Electrical

The vast majority of materials handling projects will depend on any one, a combination or all of these 4 major engineering disciplines. The job of a field engineer is to bring these together for you so you can assemble a complete engineering team, task specific. This is what we do at Engineered Solutions.

All 4 disciplines apply specifically to the following:-

1) Floor slabs

2) All above groundworks (buildings)

3) All load bearing structures

4) All lifting and handling equipment

This is our speciality and we partner with teams to bring this facility to your business. When you make us part of your team, this is a free service which you pay for anywhere else. This makes Engineered Solutions a valuable contributor to the success of your business objectives with a guaranteed technical response team, mission specific to your work. None of our team members are generalists, they are all experts in their various fields of the 8 citations made above.

Jib Cranes

Jib Crane 360 degree

By making us part of your team, you can expect a quick and helpful response to quotation enquiries.  We also offer a free survey system. We provide designs specific to your application and all of this in advance of you having to commit to a purchase.

Overhead Electric Travelling Cranes

Overhead electric travelling cranes 250 kg to 200 tonnes or more

Overhead electric travelling cranes with capacities of 250kg to 200 tonnes and more can be accomodated.

Overhead electric travelling Crane

In the above project, we were commissioned to produce an engineering grade floor slab, a building to take multiple crane installations and combine the Institute of Structural Engineers’ Standards with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers’ Standards, the outcome of which saved a significant sum of money on the combined construction. Complications included a major electricity supply line beneath the site, established rights of way and an incorrect classification of the property for the intended building, along with Highways problems concerning access – all resolved.

It is a very good example of how Engineered Solutions produces high quality results out of challenging situations so if you have a similar problem, make us part of your team.

electric chain hoist


When you buy cranes, wire rope lift systems are a given as a standard supply option and are tailored to the application.  With jib cranes the choice is usually hand or electric chain lifts. You can buy hand chain lifts and winches on our product site, please click here to review these options.

Electric chain hoist operating systems

Hoists have a bearing on the type of jib you would buy, an electrical supply, the jib arm it has to fit, the capacity of the foundation required and the reach required.

We prefer to help our customers through this process and ensure our engineers have the opportunity to fully support you in your choices.

Quotations are extremely quick and you have a supported review of your operation with trained, qualified, experienced professionals in support.

All of this equipment can be accommodated in any of our building types, or yours, modelled and designed in to any projects you may have. The jibs featured here are the basic common types.  We also provide articulated lifts, vacuum systems and magnetic operations on request.

Let us help you with your lifting solutions, make us part of your Team!

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