Conveyor Systems

Engineered Solutions design and install Conveyor Systems in Factories and Logistic Centres throughout the UK. We have a large selection of systems available to fit all environments.

Our service includes an initial free of charge site visit to fully understand your exact requirements, where we will share our expertise and advise you on the best system to fit your needs, so why not give us a call today and make us part of your team.

Conveyor Systems for Factories & Warehousing

Our engineering design team can customise your conveyor system to create a system which meets your exact requirements, or design and build a complete system from scratch.

Our conveyor systems support workshop applications, warehousing and internal distribution including vehicle loading.  This fits in with our portfolio of buildings, lifting equipment, storage systems and loading bay applications. Our engineering side is able to go further than this to help you with other sorting and manufacturing operations.

Conveyor Systems

We have a wide selection of conveyor systems, from the Van Loader above, to the extending flexible conveyor shown below, which will deal with height and directional changes, and is available as either powered or manual.

Flexible Conveyor Systems

A selection of conveyor system examples we have built are shown below, each one is designed to meet different requirements and specifications.

Conveyor Feed System

Above is a Gravity Roller system with directional feed options and can be fitted with powered or manual drive.

Hi-Rise Conveyor Systems

Container loading and unloading by means of gravity.

Extending flexible conveyor which will deal with height and directional changes, both powered and manual.

Field Engineering

A to  B applications are generally straightforward.  Its quantities, access, throughput, sorting and manufacturing implications need to be considered  to make any conveyor system work successfully. 

We can take you through an orderly process of design to deliver the working heights, the architecture of the project or application and ensure that it fits in with all the operations to be serviced, whether they be in loading vehicles, inter-cell feed systems, transfers between levels or accumulation. 

The integration of different types of conveyor medium, i.e. belt, slats or roller, all form part of our design capability which is then seen right the way throughout production and back to site correctly supplied, delivered and installed.

Conveyor Systems

Slat belt conveyor.

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