Bespoke Copper Top Work Tables

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Case Study : Bespoke Copper Top Tables

PROJECT : Custom Built Copper Top Work Tables
SECTOR : Technical/Laboratory

No screws, all timber but with a copper top that would provide a perfect laboratory surface.
We added a satin finish on the copper and varnished the beech timber. 

Bespoke Copper Top table
clamshell grabs for bidfreight port operations

They were hand delivered by our experienced handlers to ensure they arrived in excellent condition. And they did.

We were not told what the actual task was for these tables, only that they had to take 500 kg. We used a 3mm thick copper top masked 25 mm round 2 edges for conductivity purposes and cured the work top to preserve the bright copper finish.

The copper top was bonded in place and all the fixings were either dovetailed or dowelled with no metal used anywhere in the tables.

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